Thank you Vijko, Welcome Rens

 12 May 2016
Vijko et Pipasi © RNR Trésor

Vijko et Pipasi © RNR Trésor

During the second week of February, Vijko Lukkien and Rens Vaessen of Trésor Foundation have visited French Guiana. This visit marks a new chapter in the history of Trésor. From 2016 on, Rens Vaessen is our new contact of Trésor Foundation. He will be in charge of the relation and the development of joint projects of the Foundation and the Association. It is not an easy task to replace Vijko, because he has lead and supported the reserve since the beginning; he has always brought renewed and inspiring enthusiasm into the protection of nature. His dynamics and never-failing optimism have brought us very far. Thank you a thousand times, Vijko. This sincere appreciation also goes out to Pipasi, his wife, who has always given huge support during all his ventures, for example during travels of donors and projects of students.

Of course, this is not goodbye. Our beautiful adventure will not stop here; we will just see each other less often. We know that an anniversary is looming in 2017 and that our contacts will be rewarding as always.

Today, Trésor Foundation has trusted Rens with the management of the foundation. We wish him a very warm welcome and a time even so rewarding as the previous years.

Vijko Lukkien © RNR Trésor

Vijko Lukkien © RNR Trésor

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