To sensitise is a key aspect in the management of RNR Trésor. Education about the environment and providing an animation of nature is most efficiently done by going outside, exploring, feeling, seeing and experiencing diversity in situ. We want people to take note of the beauty of nature.

It is through educational tools and informative activities that we can share the beauty of resources around us. We want everyone to debunk, know, love, discover and learn to respect the environment of which we are part. It is important that protection is combined with the efforts of a passionate team, who can inform, show and convince an audience of the majesty of nature.

RNR Trésor signed the charter of environmental education to GRAINE Guyane (Guiana SEED).

In this charter, GRAINE Guyane wishes to combine the commitments of its members for the collective construction of a local EEDD (education on environment and sustainable development) through five major commitments:

Committing to a rich and diverse Guiana
Committing to solidarity in Guiana
Commit in your own way
Commit together
Commit in the spirit of ‘networking’


Guided tour on the botanical trail

Collectivité Territoriale de Guyane
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