Rules and regulations

The regulations of the Trésor reserve

Balise de Reserve

Panel of the reserve

The democratic law of 27 February 2002 gave regional councils the power to create regional nature reserves on their own initiative or in response to the request of the owners (Art. L.332-2.II. C. Envt).

Trésor Foundation, former owner of the territory located on the mountain of Kaw in the locality Trésor (Camiaye, Favard), sent a request to the former Conseil Régional of French Guiana in 2009, which would formalise the creation of the Regional Nature Reserve Trésor.
The approval on 12 February 2010, which sets the regulations, provide mainly:

  • All traffic in the enclosure of the RNR is prohibited, except on the marked trails
  • Within the accessible area, the following is prohibited:
      • Disturbance of wildlife
      • Collection (of e.g. seeds or flowers)
      • Disposal of waste
      • Traffic of motor vehicles
      • Business activities

For more details (in French), see:

Balise en bordure de réserve © RNR Trésor

Panel on the boundary of the reserve © RNR Trésor

Collectivité Territoriale de Guyane
Stichting Trésor