Environmental education

Since the birth of Trésor, essential missions have been: publicly open a part of the reserve to everyone, raise awareness of the richness of the natural heritage of French Guiana and the importance of its conservation, and host the largest number of species possible in situ on its territory. These focal points are clearly detailed in the management plan.

To achieve its educational objectives, the reserve team has several major showpieces:

The entrance building

Situated along the main road 6, it is the gateway to the Trésor reserve. Its purpose is to invite the passing public visiting the area. An exhibition is visible when the staff is present. Several aspects are displayed there, such as the presentation and the history of the reserve, some ecological traits of fauna, flora and ecosystems.

The entrance building allows youngsters to enjoy different activities offered by the hosts of Trésor, sheltered from sun and rain.

The parking place permits visitors to park cars and buses safely away from the road.

Note: Currently, the entrance building is not in use. In fact, the last building was destroyed in December 2012, just like its predecessor in 2006. This act of vandalism has greatly reduced the hospitality of the reserve especially for young audiences. The construction of a new building is in progress.

Arrivée sur la réserve

Arrival at the reserve

The botanical trail

Opened in the early 2000s, the botanical trail allows visitors to freely browse the vast forest summit of the Kaw Mountain. Regularly serviced by the reserve staff, it runs safely on a marked loop of nearly two kilometres.

Small labels highlight some remarkable plants and offer information about their ecology and uses. Eight poles were placed along the way in 6 fixed points, displaying several themes specific to the ecology of the Amazon rainforest. With the botanical labels, visitors are able to experience for themselves some aspects of this rich and complex tropical environment.

It takes between one and a half and two hours to walk the trail. A small shelter at the trail entrance (decorated with informative images) and another one halfway the trail allow shelter from big rains, regular in this area during the rainy season. The trail has no major difficulties, particularly if taken in the direction of travel. Be careful though, some surfaces can be slippery when wet and good and closed walking shoes remain essential in all seasons!

Vue sur le sentier botanique et ses totems d'information

View of the botanical trail and its informative poles

The carbon trail

This is the youngest of the two reserve trails. It branches off from the botanical trail to navigate to a new forest part, previously closed to the public. It was created in 2014 with support of WWF-Guyane and it allows to discover the mechanisms related to carbon cycles essential to the functioning of ecosystems and their inhabitants: a first in French Guiana.

Beside the originality of the theme tackled, it has the advantage that the trail is relatively flat, making it easy to cross for a greater audience.

It forms a lap of 1.4 kilometres, with some remarkable trees present along the trail.

Guided tours in the company of the reserve officers are regularly organised.

Educational media

The team of the reserve has developed a number of tools for entertainment, together with its partners. Some are unique or adapted to the French Guianese context. Games are especially designed for luring children to the reserve.

In 2009, a booklet was published to accompany the visit of the botanical trail. It provides additional information to the information provided by the poles and labels of remarkable plants.

An entomologist presenting some of Trésor’s insects by means of a educational game


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