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La Région Guyanelogoregion

La Région Guyane (The Guiana Region) is the Managing Authority of RNR Trésor. As such, the community chairs the Management Committee.

La Région finances the bulk of the reserve’s budget, namely more than 80%.

Due to its investment in the reserve, the organisation aims to make this space a standard for nature conservation and environmental education.

La Région has fused with the Conseil Général into the Collectivité Territoriale de Guyane (CTG) since January 2016.


Trésor FoundationLogo fondation

The Trésor Foundation owned the nature reserve. Since the origin of the founding of the reserve, it partly funds the organisation on projects, through operation and investment.

The Association RN Trésor has therefore a privileged relationship with the Trésor Foundation. Exchanges with members happen regularly, especially with Vijko Lukkien and Pipasi Jeurissen who are very involved in the functioning and management of the reserve. Their technical support has enabled the emergence of projects such as studies on the carbon storage and botanical inventories. Since November 2015, Vijko Lukkien has been succeeded by Rens Vaessen.

Following the status change as a Regional Nature Reserve, the Foundation expressed its desire to withdraw gradually from the Trésor reserve. This started with financial withdrawal, thanks to the financial support of La Région Guyane. La Région Guyane and the Conservatoire du littoral purchased the land of the Trésor reserve and became landowner of the territory on December 16, 2014.

The magazine ‘Trésor nieuws’ is produced four times a year by the Foundation for its private donors. The main news and progresses are mentioned in it.

Each year about twenty individual donors come to French Guiana and visit the reserve. It is then the opportunity to exchange and to strengthen links between the local team, the owner, donors and the CTG.


Conservatoire du littoralLOGO CDL


Conservatoire de l’espace littoral et des rivages lacustres (Conservatory of the coastal areas and lakeshores), or Conservatoire du littoral (coastal conservatory) in short, is partly founded by the government and is the owner of the territory of the reserve.

Its goal is to acquire one third of the French coastline so there cannot be built upon and cannot be artificialised. It may acquire land situated on the coast, but also in the public maritime domain, the wetlands of the coastal departments, estuaries, the public waterways or lakes.




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